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Product Impact 2020 FAQ

First, we introduced Product Impact 2020 in October (ish) of 2019. This article lists the most popular questions people have asked as a FAQ....
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The Next Product Debate Rules

By now you may have heard that at Product Impact 2020, we will be hosting the next product debate. However, if you have not...
3 min read

What Is A Customer Success Manager With Emma Hill

First, keeping with the theme of understanding different functions within a cross-functional team. In this article, we talk about what is a customer success...
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Founder Fundamentals Workshop Series

Are you a founder, entrepreneur or small business owner looking to grow your business in 2020? The Founder Fundamentals workshop series will help you...
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Resources for Product People

Recently we were asked what some of our favorite Product resources for Product People are. There are so many and we couldn’t think of...
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How To Build Practical Negotiation Skills?

On Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020, I was fortunate to speak to the Fiverr community. The talk was about How to build Practical Negotiation skills....
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Product Impact 2020 supports

Firstly, last week we shared our desire to make Product Impact 2020 open and inclusive. This week we are taking another step to support...
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Product Impact 2020 Scholarship

Our goal is to make Product Impact 2020 open and inclusive. Therefore we are launching the Product Impact 2020 scholarship program. In addition, we...
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Product People share their favorite resources

Working in Product, Product People are *always* on the search for resources they can use in their jobs, careers, and as they make products...
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