The Next Product Debate Rules

By now you may have heard that at Product Impact 2020, we will be hosting the next product debate. However, if you have not heard about Product Impact 2020 check out the conference here.

The Product Angle


First, for the Product Impact 2020 Debate, we will have a fun and engaging discourse about a topic related to product design. Also, two debate teams are presented with a resolution, and each team will have a set period of time to present arguments. Therefore, the goal is for debaters to get together and present compelling arguments and share their insights with the audience.

Debate Topic

We asked The Product Angle community to vote for the topic that would like to hear debated at Product Impact 2020. The options were:

  1. Product Managers need to have deep technical knowledge of the product in order to be effective
  2. APIs are perfect for every product
  3. Coding is the best way to build prototypes
  4. UX Metrics is the best way to ensure your product is a success
  5. Market Research is UX Research
  6. Something else

The topic that received the most votes is:

Coding is the best way to build prototypes.

Thank you, to all the people who voted.

Preparation work

Team members will be presented with the resolution and debate rules well in advance. Debaters will also be encouraged to do some research and prepare for the debates. During their preparation, the organizers may provide additional resources to help in their research.

Time limit

The debate will last approximately one hour.

How the debate works

During the debate, two teams are presented with a resolution (topic), and each team has a set amount of time to present their arguments.

Therefore, one team argues in favor (pro) and the other argues against (con).

When a team has the opportunity to present their arguments, the team can either designate one team member to speak for the entire team or, each team member can speak during the allotted time.

Three rounds

The Product Impact 2020 Debate will consist of three rounds, which will include:

Round One (Nine minutes)
Team “pro” will make opening arguments for the resolution
Team “con” will make opening arguments against the resolution

Round Two (Nine minutes)
Team “pro” will present their rebuttals
Team “con” will present their rebuttals

Round Three (For the remainder of the hour)
The moderator will cross-examine each team in the final round
During the cross-examination, the moderator will allow the audience to ask questions.
Both teams will have five minutes to present their closing statements
The audience will vote for their winning team (by applause)

The debate team

The Product Angle

Pro – Coding is the best way to build prototypes

Tremis Skeete

The Product Angle
Senior Product Analyst @Paralect

Tremis Skeete is a Senior Product Analyst at Paralect, a product engineering company with headquarters in Minsk, Belarus. He has been a design leader and strategist focusing on web application development, UI/UX design, and product discovery.

Previously, Tremis led digital design projects at Zel Technologies, a Virginia-based technology services company, and held roles at organizations which include Experis, the Altria Group, New York City Department of Education, and Hampton University.

He’s currently one of the more prolific writers for Product Management Insider, a publication created by Alpha, makers of the Alpha insights platform. He’s also best known for his work with ProductTank New York City, Mind the Product, Product Coalition, and the New York Product Conference.

Tremis also earned his Product Management certification from the Product School in New York City.

Erin Essex

Erin Essex

Director of product design and UX at Shutterstock

Web apps to native apps, SaaS to CMS, data analysis tools to drone calibration tools, Erin has designed for them all. With a background in Psychology Erin’s approach to designing user, experiences are unique. She takes this knowledge to build human-centered, empathetic, and sticky experiences that impact user behavior and enjoyment. She has a passion for research, testing, and experimentation to find the right solution for the user and the product.

Erin currently works as a Director of UX and Product design at Shutterstock on a handful of products including the mobile apps, Shutterstock Editor, and the enterprise experience. She has also worked with brands such as MLB Digital Academy (in partnership with, Oskar Blues Brewery, USA Football, Precision Hawk (drone tech), and with pro athletes such as Rashad Jennings (NFL and recent DWTS 2017 winner) and Vincent Lecavalier (NHL).

Con – Coding is the best way to build prototypes

The Product Angle

Bianka McGovern

Vice President, User Experience at Goldman Sachs.

Bianka leads UX and operational projects within the Global UX team at Goldman Sachs. Before that, she built up the design practice at the Tax & Accounting division of Thomson Reuters.

She has spent most of her UX career in the Enterprise space, typical working on multi-layered platforms and redefining the experience of professional and operational workflows.

Bianka is passionate about taking a holistic approach to UX that fosters awareness of the many touchpoints in the experience ecosystem.

Henry Bruce

Henry Bruce

Director of Product at MIX

Managing the MIX Market suite of information service & analysis products for investors in the Financial Inclusion sector.

Led & advised companies from startups to multinationals in building successful customer-first products & teams.

Product Impact 2020

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