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Scheduling Group Meetings with the Taggg Team

In this episode of The Product Angle Show, we talk to the founders of Taggg Meetings about scheduling group meetings. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, Trevor...
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UX Teardown of InVision with Simon McCade

In this episode of The Product Angle show, we do a UX teardown of InVision with Simon McCade. Simon helps SaaS companies get more...
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Product Manager in Financial Services

In this episode, how to get started as a product manager in the financial services industry we chat with Amber Kearney. By the end...
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Building an Excellent Product Roadmap with Scott Baldwin

In this episode of The Product Angle show, we talk about building an excellent product roadmap. If your role involves building roadmaps then you’ll...
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Conversation with a Software & Non-Software PdM

In this episode, Conversation with a Software & Non-Software PdM we talk to Pippa Gittings, and Nikitha Suryadevara. As we compare and contrast working...
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Musings on Product, Growth, & People Skills

Hi I’m Pradip Khakhar I write a weekly newsletter about product, growth, & people skills. I’ll also be sharing links to the content I’m...
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Breaking Down Roadmaps in Trello with Nikhil Vimal

Do you create product roadmaps in Trello? In this episode, we chat with Nikhil Vimal about all things roadmaps in Trello. We’ll talk about:...
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BTS Moving INDUSTRY Conference Online With Mike Belsito

INDUSTRY conference *usually* happens twice a year in person and attracts hundreds of attendees from all over the world. Due to obvious reasons this...
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How To Break Into Product Management and The First 90 Days With Satish Madiraju

In this session, we talk to Satish Madiraju, Director, Products & Solutions at Fortinet and Neeraj Mathur, VP of Product as they share their...
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