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How To Be Intentional With Your Time

In this episode, How To Be Intentional With Your Time (even while working remotely) we chat with Corey Fradin. Corey is the founder of QuickBooost. Corey brings his...
Pradip Khakhar
1 min read

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How to Negotiate Your Product Manager Salary Offer

Are you changing jobs or re-entering the workforce? Use these 10 steps and learn how to negotiate your product manager salary offer. If you’re looking for that next...
Pradip Khakhar
22 min read

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People Skills for Product People

In People Skills for Product People, you’ll learn step-by-step strategies and tools to build alignment in your team. Learn to influence without authority in...
Pradip Khakhar
4 min read

We Are All Designers

We are all designers. Designers are the most equipped to create meaningful change through our craft. In this article: I am going to share...
Justine Benoit
1 min read

Founder Stories: Getting Ready to Launch Taggg

Hi there, I’m Trevor 👋 I’m one of the founders of Taggg. In this article, founder stories Q&A getting ready to launch Taggg we...
Trevor Hatfield
3 min read

Building an Excellent Product Roadmap with Scott Baldwin

In this episode of The Product Angle show, we talk about building an excellent product roadmap. If your role involves building roadmaps then you’ll...
Pradip Khakhar
1 min read

Conversation with a Software & Non-Software PdM

In this episode, Conversation with a Software & Non-Software PdM we talk to Pippa Gittings, and Nikitha Suryadevara. As we compare and contrast working...
Pradip Khakhar
45 sec read

Musings on Product, Growth, & People Skills

Hi I’m Pradip Khakhar I write a weekly newsletter about product, growth, & people skills. I’ll also be sharing links to the content I’m...
Pradip Khakhar
6 sec read

Demystifying Roadmaps With Jim Semick

Jim Semick is the Co-founder and Chief Strategist of ProductPlan. He is a consummate Product Manager. Jim has helped launch new products, generating hundreds...
Neeraj Mathur
1 min read

3 Tips To Make “Anywhere” Your Productive Workplace

Just because you’re not sitting in an office doesn’t mean you can’t have a productive workplace. It simply requires a little thoughtfulness. Imagine this....
Corey Fradin
6 min read

Breaking Down Roadmaps in Trello with Nikhil Vimal

Do you create product roadmaps in Trello? In this episode, we chat with Nikhil Vimal about all things roadmaps in Trello. We’ll talk about:...
Pradip Khakhar
8 sec read