Level Up Your Product Skills

The Short Version

To become a fantastic Product Person you need to be able to Communicate, Collaborate, and Negotiate effectively.

The Product Angle focuses on delivering content through speakers, articles, and our flagship course (coming soon) from experienced practitioners. We help Product People become self-aware and grow beyond the traditional Product Management practices.

Hard skills such as MVPs, Roadmaps, OKRs just are not enough anymore. Product People need to learn how to Communicate, Collaborate, and Negotiate with multiple stakeholders. Product People need to have difficult conversations and have the high emotional intelligence to succeed.



Become a better Product Person & Negotiator

The Long Version

What’s unique about The Product Angle?

Product Management as a function and Product Manager as a role has been under a spotlight over the last decade. There are numerous sources of information. However, they are mostly written for and targeted towards experienced folks or people looking to start their careers in Product Management. The available information ranges between leaders looking to network and solve macro-level problems with their counterparts to individuals looking to find jobs, change careers, or shipping their first feature. 

The Product Angle’s cause is to fill the gap between these extremes. The Product Angle community helps early- to mid-career Product Managers looking to find answers to any of the following questions.

  • I have landed my first Product Manager job. What do I do in the early 90 days?
  • How do I grow in my Product Management career?
  • What skills do I need to build to expand and enhance my Product craft?
  • How do I understand, avoid, minimize, or deal with team collaboration, conflicting priorities, and yes, office politics? 
  • Who can (and should) I go to seek advice? How do I ask the right questions?
  • How can I continue to get better at my communication and collaboration skills?
  • What’s the best way to learn how to negotiate?

Who we are

Pradip Cloud

Pradip Khakhar

Founder – The Product Angle

Through his training and education program, Pradip helps Product Managers communicate, collaborate, and effectively negotiate while building trust and confidence in cross-functional teams. Learn more about Pradip here or learn more about People Skills for Product People here.

The Product Angle

Neeraj Mathur

Product and Design Leader

Neeraj Mathur is an experienced entrepreneurial product and design leader. Neeraj has successfully led the building and launch of multiple market-driven innovative solutions for over two decades. He has built and honed his Product and Design skills working at several successful startups and Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including FinTech, Security, and Collaboration. 

Neeraj joins The Product Angle to help Product Managers and Designers build and enhance their skillset. A firm believer in one only gets better with practice; Neeraj is looking to share his techniques and frameworks.