Scheduling Group Meetings with the Taggg Team

In this episode of The Product Angle Show, we talk to the founders of Taggg Meetings about scheduling group meetings. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, Trevor Hatfield, and Aaron Krall as they share their journey creating Taggg. The product thinking behind the product and onboarding their first users.

By the end of the episode, you’ll learn about:
– How the Taggg team was formed.
– Taggg’s approach to user research.
– Onboarding Taggg’s first users.

Scheduling Group Meetings with the Taggg Team

About the Guests

Aaron Krall helps SaaS companies drive more leads, convert more users, and accelerate growth. His proven, done for you systems and frameworks have increased conversions, automated sales, and reduced churn for companies like and IBM.

Aaron runs the largest SaaS community in the world: SaaS Growth Hacks on Facebook. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Natalie, his son, Arlo, and dog Penny. He enjoys reading horror movie synopsis on Wikipedia and leaving funny reviews on Google Maps.

Trevor is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of Taggg and also owns Inturact, a B2B SaaS growth agency, and is the head of growth at InnerTrends, a SaaS product analytics software.

Nichole is a B2B SaaS Consultant, Nichole takes startups from problem/solution fit to product/market fit, all the way through growth marketing to scale. Nichole’s specialty is in quickly diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in SaaS companies and strategizing ways to improve retention and strengthen brands. To share some of Nichole’s experiences, Nichole along with Trevor is writing a book about B2B SaaS. Nichole was unable to join us today.

Key Takeaways

We go behind the scenes to learn how the Taggg co-founders came together to create value by making scheduling group meetings easier. You know when you need to schedule a call with three or more people, it’s a pain.

We chat about customer discovery, competitors, communications, as well as roadmaps, and go to market strategy.

Show Timestamps

01:10 – Trevor and Aaron share something that we cannot Google about him.
03:05 – How the founding team came together.
04:00 – What is Taggg and what Taggg does.
28:10 – Taggg’s go to market strategy.
37:15 – What the future looks like for Taggg.

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