UX Teardown of InVision with Simon McCade

In this episode of The Product Angle show, we do a UX teardown of InVision with Simon McCade. Simon helps SaaS companies get more paying customers through better user experience design. Also, InVision is the digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences

By the end of the episode, you’ll learn about:
– Good design and areas of improvement.
– How product people and UX designers can work together effectively.
– How to get into design.

UX Teardown of InVision with Simon McCade

About the guest

Over the last 10+ years, Simon has worked with many SaaS companies, large and small, been featured in several online publications including UX Planet and UX Collective, and built a successful product design consultancy.

Key Takeaways

User experience design is so important and has a direct impact on business KPI’s. For example, user retention, driving engagement, and boost revenue by trial success).

User experience design also has internal benefits such as reducing development time.

UX and UI are both crucial to the success of your SaaS. UX is the experience within the product. For example, how the user feels and how easy to accomplish tasks. UI is the overall look and feel of the product. For example, the visual elements.

Show Timestamps

02:00 – Simon shares something that we cannot Google about him
03:00 – How Simon got into design
04:50 – What is UX (and the difference between UX and UI)
07:20 – Introduction to Invision and UX teardown of InVision
41:20 – Q & A with Simon

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