How To Be Intentional With Your Time

In this episode, How To Be Intentional With Your Time (even while working remotely) we chat with Corey Fradin. Corey is the founder of QuickBooost. Corey brings his passion for planning, productivity, and goal setting. Learn as we chat about how Corey is able to get more done in the day.

You can still be productive with your time even though your boss isn’t hovering over your shoulder. Here is how to be deliberate about your day-to-day.

By the end of the episode, you’ll learn about:
– Becoming more productive so you can get more done
– Setting goals effectively

How To Be Intentional With Your Time (even while working remotely)

About the guest

Corey Fradin is the founder of QuickBooost. Corey helps his clients do more with their time, productivity, time management, goal setting, and more. As well as how you spend your time and where you spend your attention. As a result of thoughtful decisions, you can cultivate a life of meaning, purpose, fulfillment.

Key Takeaways

Goal setting is something we’ve all done at some point. Think about the typical weight loss goals we created in the new year. Unfortunately within two weeks, many people give up.

Corey shares his knowledge and expertise to create goals that are manageable. In addition, Corey shares his wisdom and actionable steps to be more intentional with your time allowing you to achieve more.

Setting goals that are in your control.

Show Timestamps

01:05 – Corey shares something that we cannot Google about him
03:07 – What is a goal and how to create them
12:40 – How motivation fits into the goal-setting strategy
14:44 – What is time management and productivity?
19:07 – How to define success

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