How to get started in Product Management with Shrinedhi Rajan

In this episode how to get started in product management with Shrinedhi Rajan. Shrinedhi shares her journey to becoming a product manager.

By the end of the session, you’ll learn about:
– How Shrinedhi started in product management out of college.
– Steps you can take to land your first product manager role.
– Interview best practices.

How to get started in Product Management with Shrinedhi Rajan

About the guest

Shrinedhi is a product manager at PointsBet. A Chapter lead at Products By Women. She recently graduated with a master’s from Cornell University. Shrinedhi records podcasts on product management, and diversity and inclusion.

Key Takeaways

First, do you want to get started in product management?

There are *a lot* of resources out there. What do you read/ listen to?

How about learning from someone who did exactly that recently (not years ago).

Job search is difficult, especially considering COVID. However, the hiring season is back in session and so are the opportunities to break into product management.

Shrinedhi shares her experiences at Cornell University. Sharing her learnings and preparation to pursue a career in the product space.

Also, Shrinedhi breaks down her presentation:
– What is product management and after that
– Importantly understand if the role is right for you.

In conclusion, Shrinedhi loves sharing various quotes as you’ll see throughout her presentation.

Show Timestamps

01:20 – Shrinedhi shares something that we cannot Google about her.
03:20 – Start of Shrinedhi’s presentation.
10:00 – The multiple hats product managers wear.
22:10 – Creating your path into product management and the interview process.
44:43 – Finally, Q&A with Shrinedhi.

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