What Is A Customer Success Manager With Emma Hill

First, keeping with the theme of understanding different functions within a cross-functional team. In this article, we talk about what is a customer success manager w/ Emma Hill.

Emma shares a wealth of information. Her roles include working as a Project Manager, turned Product Manager, turned Account Manager turned customer success manager at ProdPad.

ProdPad. is a Product Management Tool, helping product teams with their Roadmaps, backlogs, align everyone on their product processes.

The Product Angle

Thoughts on some of the roles Emma has worked

Product Managers focus on solving customer’s problems. Customer success teams also think of themselves as the voice of the customer.

The customer success team talks to customers on a regular basis, so they need to push that information up to the Product Managers.

The account manager role may be seen with a negative outlook in the view of the customer. As generally speaking the customer success manager is there to help the customer use the software vs. an account manager who may be motivated to sell you something.

The role of customer success does involve an element of expansion, however, that is not the primary function.

What is a customer success Manager w/ Emma Hill

In short, making customers successful. Understanding from the outset, what are the problems the customers are facing. What are the outcomes the customer is looking to achieve and then helping them get to those outcomes in the shortest time possible?

Time to value can depend on the size of your organization. For B2B customers, it can take longer as it also depends on the change management process.

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Thank you, Emma

Emma, we would like to thank you for sharing some of your thoughts, insights, and expertise with The Product Angle. 🙏