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Future of ChatBots With Nikhil Vimal

In this episode of The Product Angle Show, we chat with Nikhil Vimal about the future of chatbots. We also talk about workforce automation.
5 sec read

Working With Your Engineering Team With Sunny Singh and Lasha Krikheli

In this episode of The Product Angle Show, we chat working with your engineering team with Sunny Singh and Lasha Krikheli.
5 sec read

Marketing With Leo Morejon

In this episode of The Product Angle Show, we chat Marketing with Leo Morejon.
3 sec read

Learning To Cope With Remote Working With Neeraj Mathur

In this episode of The Product Angle show – we talk about learning to cope with remote working. We live-streamed with Neeraj Mathur. Neeraj...
2 min read

What is Negotiation for Product Managers?

Yes, Product Managers negotiate every day. However, you may not have thought about Product Management this way. In this article, my goal is to...
0 24 min read

Chat with a designer – Fajar Siddiq

First, keeping with the theme of understanding different functions within a cross-functional team. In this article, we chat with a designer – Fajar Siddiq....
4 min read

The conference that never happened

Today, April 01, 2020, we scheduled our first conference – Product Impact 2020. Instead, it’s now the conference that never happened. In this article,...
37 min read

Canceling Product Impact 2020

After consulting our speakers and some of our attendees, we are canceling Product Impact 2020. Reason for Canceling Product Impact 2020 The world is...
1 min read

The thesis behind Product Impact 2020

First, in this article, we talk about the thesis behind Product Impact 2020. After talking to a number of Product People we identified a...
2 min read