10 gifts for the Product person in your life 2020

This is the third (and final, for now) article with the theme of 10 things. If you missed the other two read here and here. In this article, I present to you the 10 gifts to consider for the product person in your life 2020 version.

The Product Angle

The holiday season is upon us and I am starting to get emails and offers for Black Friday deals already. One theme that I am seeing is that all of the deals are for physical goods. Don’t get me wrong who doesn’t love a physical good to cheer them up during this time of year.

Well, actually me. 🙋‍♂️

I think it is equally important to spend money on improving yourself, take a class, learning something new, brush up on your skills. I love experiences, in particular experiences that have an education/ learning element.

Therefore, out of the 10 gifts for Product people, five are physical and the remaining five are not.

Ok so here it is.

10 gifts for the Product person in your life 2020 edition



Well if it has to be a physical gift why not start with a Kindle – great for reading books on the go. (Yes, I know still trying to work my educational/ learning theme in).

Check out the Kindle here.

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DJI Mavic Drone


I mean who doesn’t love a drone? They can do awesome things fly around take videos and photos. Most importantly you don’t need to carry that large shoe box around with you, drones now fit in the palm of your hands.

Check out the drones here.



A fun way to listen to music, podcasts, and be on conference calls (if that’s your thing).

I like these LG over the neck style headphones if you prefer the newer in the ear style or over the head that’s cool.

Maybe ask the person who you are buying what kind of headphones they want or maybe they already have a pair. 🤷‍♂️

The point here is headphones make a fun gift.

Check out the LG headphones here.

Podcast Microphone


Microphones are so versatile these days, they can be used to record podcasts, videos, or on conference call (who does that, but hey you could).

Having terrible audio makes for a horrible listening experience (trust me I have screwed up the audio on a number of my podcasts.

If your looking for something at an entry-level check out the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone here.

If you want something a little more advanced check out the Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone here.



Just like microphones, Cameras are so versatile these days. Cameras can be used to record a video podcast, take photos. I actually was recording a video podcast and the guest commented how nice the Bokeh looks so cameras can be worth the investment.

If you could only pick between a camera or microphone, def pick the microphone. Having bad video doesn’t ruin the experience as much as having bad audio.

If your looking for an entry mirrorless camera check out the Sony A6400 with an 18 mm to 135 mm lens here.

If you are not into the Sony mirrorless camera because of the color, trust me I was the same. However, as I understand it with the Sony A6400, Sony has tweaked the colors and they are much better.

If you prefer Canon check out the Canon 6D Mark ii, with a 24 mm to 105 mm lens Check out the drones here.

You can always swap the lens to something else. If all else fails phones nowadays have amazing cameras on them.



This nifty little Chrome extension make online reading much more fun and distraction-free from ads. The extension even has the ability to customize the webpage to your liking. For example, change the font, make notes, and even have the article read to you.

This chrome extension was made by a maker, therefore consider the pro version as you will be supporting a maker Ryzal Yusoff.

Check out Readermode here.

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Product Leadership book

Product Leadership book

This is a good book to read as the Product person in your life grows in their careers. The book discusses the role of the Product leader and how the size of the organization impacts the Product leaders mindset.

Check out Product Leadership here.

Daily Product Prep

Daily Product Prep

If the product person in your life is just beginning their careers and could do with some interview prep tips, cue Daily Product Prep.

It’s a site that I don’t have much information on and I do not know who runs or operates it. However, the concept is simple: (according to the website) Ace your product interview. Get exceptionally good at product interviews by solving one problem every day.

The questions are emailed daily and are for free, if you’d like to also get access to the answers then there is a monthly fee for access to the responses.

Check out Daily Product Prep here.

Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of Evangelism

Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of Evangelism

For full disclosure I am a big fan of Guy’s work. As Product people we are often evangelizing – the fine line between sales and marketing.

According to the website: Do you want to change the world like Apple? This course will explain how to use a technique called evangelism to change the hearts, minds, and actions of your customers, colleagues, and employees. Evangelism is an innovative approach to sales, marketing, and management. It means mobilizing your customers and staff into becoming as passionate about a cause as you are.

Check out Guy’s online course here.

The Product Angle

Product Impact 2020

As someone who believes in self-improvement and learn by doing we have to mention Product Impact 2020 on Wednesday, April 01, 2020. Product Impact 2020 is a 1-day conference to level up your Product Skills.

What you will learn (by doing)

Level up your Product skills – develop the skills, mindset, & tools, to facilitate effective collaboration and communication in cross-functional teams. Creating alignment and breaking down silos.

The conference combines training, practical exercises, and conference-style talks to create a learning environment where you can practice your new skills on the day.

If you cannot make it to NYC we also have an online-only ticket, where you will get access to the recordings of the sessions, all handouts, presentations, and a few exciting surprises. (Obviously, if you are an online ticket holder you won’t be able to practice the skills on the day)

Check out Product Impact 2020 here.

This is the third (and final, for now) article with the theme of 10 things. If you missed the other two read here and here.

In conclusion, there you have it, that’s my 10 gifts for the Product person in your life 2020. What gifts are you considering giving (or what would you like to receive this holiday season? let me know and join the conversation on Twitter.

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