10 Product People to follow

Lists can be tricky. Does adding individuals to these 10 Product People to follow list mean others are not deserving? absolutely not. This is why in my opinion lists that name people to follow can have a positive and negative impact.

Before we get started a couple of things:

  1. Some of the individuals may not work directly in Product, however, in my opinion, their content is relevant to Product teams.
  2. This is not meant to be comprehensive (you probably already knew that 😀), there are so many amazing people in the product space. However, this list is Product people that I follow and think their content (and what they are doing) needs to be shared.
  3. Individuals below are NOT ordered in any specific way.

10 Product People to follow

The Product Angle

Hiten Shah

If your talking Product, there is no way you cannot mention Hiten Shah. Hiten and Product go in the same sentence all the time. Hiten has founded three SaaS companies; Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and Quick Sprout as well as a very popular newsletter called SaaS weekly.

I’ve reached out to Hiten a few times with questions and for guidance and Hiten is super quick to respond and provides a ton of very valuable feedback. Thank you, Hiten. 🙏

Follow Hiten on Twitter.

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The Product Angle

Marie Prokopets

Marie is the co-founder of Use FYI and Product Habits.

If you are looking to read some awesome content Marie has been creating and sharing some fantastic reads through Use FYI and Product Habits.

Two of my fav reads are The remote work report, and Remote work statistics.

Marie is very active in the Product Hunt community often sharing some great reads (and responding to comments).

Follow Marie on Twitter.

Ryan Hoover

Ryan is the founder of Product Hunt. We really need no introduction to Ryan or Product Hunt.

I first started following Ryan on Twitter and noticed how he interacts with his team and the product hunt community as a whole.

Ryan is also the founder of Weekend Fund and if you are looking to turn your side project into a company read this, as Ryan introduces Weekend Build.

Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri is the CEO of Produx Labs, a Product Management consultancy, and the author of Escaping the Build Trap. Melissa’s book is next on my reading list. 😉

Since I started following Melissa on Twitter I really enjoy seeing slides from various product conferences that Melissa shares. When you cannot attend a product conference, Melissa’s commentary and photos of slides are the next best thing.

Follow Melissa on Twitter.

Mind The Product

James Mayes

James is a co-founder and CEO of Mind The Product.

I’ve been to a Product Tank event here in NYC, and attending a Mind the Product Conference is on my list of conferences to attend.

I followed James on Twitter for a while and finally messaged him if he’d be open to a meeting while I was in London. He replied and we ended up having brunch in Brighton one sunny morning.

James is a leader in the product space. His thinking and how much emphasis he puts on delivering value to the user is amazing.

Next time we are in the same part of the world would love to connect and chat more.

Follow James on Twitter.

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The Product Angle

Brianne Kimmel

Brianne has made it her life’s work to invest in founders who are reimagining work through better tools, benefits and services, and the creation of new classes of work.

For thought-provoking tweets with data insights and a touch of the SF vibe, follow Brianne on Twitter.

The Product Angle

Andrew Chen

I discovered Andrew a few years ago through his writing around the time Andrew worked with Uber (I think). Andrew writes some fantastic long form essays that are very informative and educational such as How to (actually) calculate CAC, and How to build a growth team.

Follow Andrew on Twitter.

The Product Angle

April Dunford

April is a positioning consultant, entrepreneur, board member, angel investor and advisor. Her expertise is built on 25 years as an executive in a series of 7 successful technology startups and 3 global tech giants and launching 16 products as an executive.

If you have not yet read Obviously Awesome I highly recommend it and it is becoming my fav book of the year.

I recently had a video call with April and some of the insights she shared were priceless, thank you April. 🙏

Follow April on Twitter.

The Product Angle

John Cutler

John is a Product development nut at Amplitude who loves wrangling complex problems/answering the why with qual/quant data.

Often I’d be browsing Twitter and when John posts something on Twitter I feel like he is talking directly to me. Some of the issues, challenges, thought leadership content really resonates with what Product Managers go through.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the dynamics within Product teams and the cross-functional nature of the team’s Product works with. I was having a hard time putting my thoughts to paper and next thing I see on Twitter is:

Follow John on Twitter.

Customer Camp

Katelyn Bourgoin

Katelyn is a 3X founder turned growth strategist and trainer. Named as an influencer by Forbes, Katelyn’s past clients include tech startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies like Target and Holiday Inn.

Today Katelyn helps frustrated marketers and product teams figure out what triggers their right-fit customers to buy. When companies know who their best customers are and what those customers really want, it becomes much easier to create awesome products and sell more of them. The result? More happy customers and more money in the bank.

I first was introduced to Katelyn though a webinar and then I took her Trigger Technique: An interactive online workshop. Katelyn strongly believes in learn by doing (and so do I).

I believe as Product Managers, we need to have a strong understanding of the user (nothing new). However, I also strongly believe working alongside the sales team and understanding the sales process of your target customers as well as what triggers them to buy (or not) is just as important.

Follow Katelyn on Twitter.

For full disclosure, Katelyn is also a speaker at Product Impact 2020.

There you have it, that’s my 10 Product people to follow. Who do you follow that’s awesome? let me know so I can follow them and join the conversation on Twitter.

If you are interested in the Product space here are 10 Product People to follow. Click To Tweet

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