Podcast Stuff Notebook

Podcast Stuff Notebook is the notebook 📙 I wish I had when I first started my Podcast.

A tool to help you plan, research and tell stories for all your podcast 🎧 episodes!

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The Product Angle

This is the notebook 📙 I wish I had when I first started my Podcast.

Do you host a podcast or want to start one?

Starting and hosting a podcast takes a lot of work. Trust me I know, I had zero audio or video skills. I started my podcast and recorded about 18 episodes, however, I only edited and released one.

As I try again to build my podcast again, this time for Season 2 I am using the Podcast Stuff Notebook to help me plan, research and tell stories for my episodes!

I was stuck, I focused on the wrong this and quickly became overwhelmed.

Don’t get stuck worrying about workflow and technical details or forget what you want to talk about during your recording (yes! I forgot what I wanted to talk about on episode…well let’s see if you can notice listen to the very first episode here.

Plan, research and tell stories for each of your podcast 🎧 episodes!

How the Podcast Stuff Notebook helps build your podcast

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Sample Pages

Bring clarity to the why

The Product Angle

Define your workflow

The Product Angle

Organize and plan each episode

The Product Angle

And so much more

Check out the full PDF version and download for use here.


Saddle stitched booklets
– final size 5.5″x7
– Cover printed 1/1 on 120# white cover
– 60 printed paged
– 12 podcast episodes per book

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