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Choosing the music for the product angle intro video

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I thought choosing the music for The Product Angle intro video would be very difficult. I was wrong in the end it turned out to be a very easy choice.

The Product Angle
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As I was thinking of creating the intro for my podcast, I was listening to many different tracks, all ranging in different genres, moods, energy, and temp.

I knew I wanted something with a kick, fast tempo, uplifting type music. Also, it would be the first piece of work that I am publishing on youtube – no pressure right?

I continued my search for music, and while I was organizing file on my external hard drive, I noticed the music that my son had created using (I think) Garageband. I played it; it was not initially what I was planning for; however, it started to grow on me.

I played it over and over again a few times and decided to go for it and use it. Why, because, it was one of my son’s first creations and since the product angle is one of my new creations (and a first in the podcasting space) it would be a great story, and hopefully my son would feel a sense of accomplishment that would encourage him to continue to create.

That’s it, that’s how I chose the music for The Product Angle intro video. Listen to it below.

The podcast is now live, listen to the episodes here.

Pradip Khakhar Product Manager and Founder - The Product Angle

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