We Are All Designers

We are all designers. Designers are the most equipped to create meaningful change through our craft. In this article: I am going to share...
Justine Benoit
1 min read

Musings on Product, Growth, & People Skills

Hi I’m Pradip Khakhar I write a weekly newsletter about product, growth, & people skills. I’ll also be sharing links to the content I’m...
Pradip Khakhar
6 sec read

3 Tips To Make “Anywhere” Your Productive Workplace

Just because you’re not sitting in an office doesn’t mean you can’t have a productive workplace. It simply requires a little thoughtfulness. Imagine this....
Corey Fradin
6 min read

Resources for Product People

Recently we were asked what some of our favorite Product resources for Product People are. There are so many and we couldn’t think of...
Pradip Khakhar
58 sec read

Product People share their favorite resources

Working in Product, Product People are *always* on the search for resources they can use in their jobs, careers, and as they make products...
Pradip Khakhar
9 min read

10 gifts for the Product person in your life…

This is the third (and final, for now) article with the theme of 10 things. If you missed the other two read here and...
Pradip Khakhar
4 min read

10 Product People to follow

Lists can be tricky. Does adding individuals to these 10 Product People to follow list mean others are not deserving? absolutely not. This is...
Pradip Khakhar
4 min read

How to start a podcast?

Two months ago back in May 2018, I decided I want to start a podcast. I had zero experience in recording, editing and publishing...
Pradip Khakhar
1 min read

Choosing the music for the product angle intro video

I thought choosing the music for The Product Angle intro video would be very difficult. I was wrong in the end it turned out...
Pradip Khakhar
55 sec read